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Add our consumer-facing financial calculators to your web site quickly and easily. We will help brand the calculators to match your web site, and you'll be up and running in just a day or two. Our consumer calculator series of market-tested online analytical calculators covers over 150 topics across 13 financial categories. See our English set of calculators here English calculators


All of our financial calculators have been designed following "responsive web design" principles, adapting to the size of the screen on which they are displayed. From the smallest cell phone to the largest desktop monitor, all of your web visitors will be happy with these financial calculators.


Your web visitors will never know that the financial calculators on your web site are hosted by CalcXML since they will blend right in, matching your colors, fonts and other styling features. Custom titles, descriptions and disclaimers allow you maximum flexibility on the presentation of the calculator pages.

Lead Generation

Financial calculators are perfect for gathering lead information. Display lead generation forms as part of the calculator input form in order gather contact info, promote newsletter subscriptions, etc., and receive the lead information via email.


Many times a financial calculators will give your web visitors the information they need to make a important financial decisions. Recommend your products and services, embedded in the calculator results, to help them with those decisions.


With a growing global financial economy, you need financial tools that can grow right along with you. The financial calculators at CalcXML can be used in any country and any currency. We offer a full suite of Spanish calculators. Other languages available as requested.

PDF Output

Web visitors have come to expect the ability to save information easily on the internet. Our PDF Output functionality allows users to save calculator results for later viewing or for emailing to financial advisors and others.


With a few lines of code, you can easily add a calculator to your web page or blog. Embeddable calculators do not require an iframe to work, but instead use AJAX to load the calculator into an html <div> element directly on your web site.

Facebook Integration

Engage your Facebook visitors by adding interactive calculators to your page. Use our Facebook app to add a page tab that will encourage active user participation.

Calculator Categories

Chances are you'll find exactly what you need amongst our 150+ financial calculators spanning 13 financial categories. Feel free to browse through and test out any of our sample calculator pages. Below is a list of all the categories. Click one to be taken to our comprehensive listing.

Free Calculators

Looking for some free calculators for your web site? You may place any of the links found here onto your web site and use them free of charge, but know that adverstisements will appear on them. Another free option we offer are our "teaser" calculators—small footprint calculators without ads, but with less functionality. Click here to learn more about our teaser calculators.

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